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My dream house

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It is a great feeling to live in your creation:

I belong to a family of constructors and architects for aeons past

My woody wonder:

As I grew I knew that I did not want anything too box like for my new house.

It is a great feeling to live in your creation:

I belong to a family of constructors and architects for aeons past by and I somehow am genetically predisposed to the idea that when we need a house, we have to make one. What I mean here is that “we” make it and not outsource it.

The houses that I lived in:

My grandfather was the chief architect and rendering government service till he passed way and his house was a beauty, a real beauty in its embodiment. I remember when my mum used to work, she used to let my granny baby sit me and I would be left in her house till my mummy came back from work. I used to be a well behaved child said my granny who never ever troubled her. That is of course because I was too busy exploring the house than sitting there and nagging her!

My love for houses only grew deeper with time:

My father also believed that the best house to have in the country side was one that is made from wood. So, the timber that was ours from an adjoining land that my great grandfather had bought was used to make the house in which I spend a major part of my boyhood days.

The house that molded me:

It was like magic. My calling was pre destined and I reveled when I made it through the college with a major in my favorite subject. I would officially join the ranks of the architecturally great the likes of my granddad and dad!

I saw my house being made:

Log after log, the house that my dad built took shape and soon we were living in a wooden wonder. I must have mentally made a note to myself that I will also grow up to make one just like this. And thankfully, I could.

My mum’s contribution to the house:

Mum contributed to my fond memories in her own sweet way. I remember her being asked by daddy how she wanted her dressing room and the kitchen being done and she was overjoyed at being counseled!

She read a lot of home and garden magazines to tell dad what exactly she would love for herself. Mum worked very hard all her life and wooden house gave her some reason to be up and about her work. She would spend hours in the kitchen cooking up delicacies and baking yummy treats for the family and friends.

Extra information: https://www.buildloghomes.org/why-you-shouldnt-buy-log-cabin-kits

My woody wonder:

As I grew I knew that I did not want anything too box like for my new house. My wife and children loved the idea that we would be living in a house that would be completely different and unconventional in shape from the neighboring houses. And so we started.

Finalizing the shape:

We took a long time at planning and we were very meticulous. We had a ton of paper telling us every step in the construction. The planning is essentially very important. The plan has to be ever comprehensive and all jotted down. Written notes help you through the project faster.

We were ready to start in that summer:

We chose the hottest weak that year to get our timber cut and transported to our site. Apparently when the wood is very dry it is easier to wield the different cutting instruments on it and peels away quickly too.

We picked up timber logs from our own acre of land that we had. The timber when sliced was a beauty. The grains were so well pronounced that we decided to keep it the way it is without giving it any other colour by varnish.

The house turned out beautiful and you could see that it was one of the best wood houses in the locality. Neighbors loved us because of the fact that because our house was up, the neighborhood shot up the area price of the land considerably.

A little about my wife! (lest I get glares from her)

Apparently, my wife cooked delicious dishes from her own sweet kitchen and neighbors always complemented us for the culinary treat that she offered one too many whenever the neighbors dropped in to greet us. The fact is that whenever we invited our guests, we made it sure to stand in the window not to miss out on the look of awe that they had when they saw the house for the first time!